Books by Afran Groenewoud & Tjarko van der Pol

  • Smelly Farts

    Afran Groenewoud & Tjarko van der Pol

    | Children's Books | This book has 32 pages

    Humorous picture book about being considerate of others

    Smelly Farts by Afran Groenewoud and Tjarko van der Pol is a comical picture book with an important message: the world would be a better place if we were all considerate of one another.

    A small group and a big group are throwing a party together. But the small group is not having a very good time, because the big group keeps letting out lots of smelly farts. They believe you can’t have fun without smelly farts. But the small group disagrees with that. And the big group disagrees with that… Will they manage to enjoy the party together in the end?


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