Books by Almar Otten

  • The Round House

    Almar Otten

    | Fiction | This book has 344 pages

    March 2014

    • Dutch pdf available •

    Lineke Tesinga gives a lecture on Germanic human sacrifices described in  a medieval travelogue. In the following weeks a series of crimes are committed that turn out to be connected with gruesome rituals that occurred in the previous century in The Round House – a mysterious hunting lodge in the Veluwe woods where Prince Hendrik and his guests used to go hunting. Lineke is in serious danger: the greatest criminal of that time is still on the loose…


    ‘A compelling story.’ – ALGEMEEN DAGBLAD

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  • Sins of Youth

    Almar Otten

    | Fiction | This book has 320 pages

    March 2013

    • Dutch pdf available•

    Jan Kees Kreupel, a popular host of Evangelical television, has been kidnapped. Nobody knows where he is and his girlfriend Isabel has disappeared as well. Soon after, an orthodox Christian politician is murdered. Nobody makes a connection between the two facts…

    Lineke Tesinga is faced with a series of strange events: a file on Spinoza disappears from the library, a former classmate starts stalking her, and she gets hold of the only copy of the ‘Forbidden Book’ – a blasphemous manuscript from her secondary school days, written by an unknown. Together with her friend Laura, Lineke starts investigating, leading them to encounter many horrors and startling crimes that appear to be rooted in her own past…

    In Sins of Youth, the third Lineke Tesinga thriller, Almar Otten proves himself a born narrator and a master at developing plots. His second book Blue gold was awarded with a Diamond Bullet (2012).

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  • Blue Gold

    Almar Otten

    | Fiction | This book has 368 pages

    March 2012

    • Dutch pdf available •


    After the death of his mother, Matt Paddinge inherits a beautiful ‘Book of Hours’. The heirloom belonged to his father, who vanished without a trace when Matt was 10 years old. Historian Lineke Tesinga and her friend Laura cannot believe their eyes when Matt shows them the book: it appears to be a lost masterpiece, particularly because of the frequent use of the colour blue, a pigment that was extremely rare at the time and even more expensive than gold.

    Soon, Matt is confronted by a series of mysterious events. Everything indicates that somebody is trying to get hold of the ‘Book of Hours’, but also that this person knows more about Matt’s father. When Laura then finds herself in direct danger, there is no alternative: Matt must uncover the truth, and quickly…

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