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  • Jane Austen: Face to Face

    Anke Werker

    | Fiction | This book has 304 pages


     * English synopsis *

    It’s 1809. As soon as Jane Austen settles in Chawton, Hampshire with her mother, her sister Cassandra and friend Martha, her writing career takes off. To record this period, Jane starts writing a diary, in which she discusses everyday matters and this defining moment.

    In 1843, Cassandra Austen looks back on her life. She thinks about her engagement and the dreams she had as a young woman. Nobody could have guessed that her sister Jane would become famous after her death in 1817. But what should Cassandra do with the numerous letters that Jane has left behind, with the stories that have never been published and with her unfinished portrait?

    Jane Austen. Face to Face grants you a glimpse into the lives of Jane and Cassandra Austen. How they lived, their hopes and dreams, and how they filled their days. While the storylines are the product of the writer’s imagination, many elements are based on truth.


    Praise for Jane Austen. Face to Face:
    ‘Werker effortlessly mixes fact with fiction and thus fills in the gaps of our knowledge of Jane Austen. Compelling, surprising and moving.’ – Karin Quint, author of Jane Austen’s England

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