Books by Annelies Fontijne

  • Which Superpower Would You Want?

    Annelies Fontijne

    | Children's Books | This book has 112 pages


    * English sample translation *

    Children are forever being asked questions. How was your day at school? Have you tidied your room yet? And although they don’t normally enjoy being asked these kinds of questions, you ask them what they wish for, they usually come up with the best answers. Annelies Fontijne thought up countless questions and presented them to children. The 100 questions that the children liked the most have been brought together in this activity book. All sorts of topics are covered. Brimming with questions that give children the floor and to which only they know the right answer! For instance:

    ‘What would you like to change most about your parents?’

    ‘Imagine you have a peeking machine; whose house would you want
    to look inside?’

    ‘You’re allowed to stay overnight in one shop. Which shop would
    you choose?’

    ‘You can move your house else. Anywhere you like. Where would you
    put it?’

    ‘You can spend a year living in the past. Which era would you choose?’

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