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  • Shinrin-Yoku

    Annette Lavrijsen

    | Non-fiction

    Rights Sold: Italy (Giunti), Spain (Lince/Malpaso), Germany (Bastei Lübbe)  and France (Larousse)

    *English proposal and sample tranlation available*

    In Japan, people have long since known: the path through the forest leads to a healthier, happier and more productive life. Meditative forest walks are a popular therapy for stress, lethargy and other ailments. According to the Japanese principle of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), nature not only has the ability to amaze its visitors and help them relax, but it also improves our physical and mental well-being: blood pressure, heart rate and adrenaline levels decrease significantly.

    In Shinrin-yoku, journalist Annette Lavrijsen describes the wonderful relationship between nature and our body, mind and soul as she unfolds the mystery of this Eastern natural therapy. With the help of practical exercises (meditation, yoga, mindfulness), which train all our senses, she shows the reader how they can reconnect with themselves. An accessible and practical book for a clearer mind and a relaxed body.


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