Books by Axel de Vos

  • Double Life

    Axel de Vos

    | Non-fiction | This book has 256 pages

    He negotiated with smugglers and human traffickers, witnessed drug deals involving millions of euros and worked with the biggest criminals in Europe and far beyond its borders. In Double Life, former infiltrator Axel de Vos looks back on his years as an undercover agent, when he was deployed in major criminal operations.

    How do you prepare for an operation? What effect does it have on you when you give up your life and take on a fictional, albeit temporary identity? What happens if you get lost in that other life? And how do you keep living a life in which you have to be on edge every second of the day?

    Double Life is the chilling story of an undercover officer, offering a fascinating and exclusive look behind the scenes of the Dutch and international underworld.

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