Books by Carly Wijs

  • The Doubt Experiment

    Carly Wijs

    | Fiction | This book has 224 pages


    Ten-year old Vicky Loders is the youngest of three sisters. Her eldest sister is mentally disabled, but Vicky suspects she is feigning her condition. She starts an experiment in which she systematically begins to doubt everything she sees: faith, love, where man comes from and, above all, what is true and what is not. In this way, Vicky hopes to expose her sister, so she can come back home and their family will finally be as normal as the world around them. But when events turn against Vicky, her project no longer offers the solution.

    The Doubt Experiment is the wry story of a young girl who loses herself in her own imagination and threatens to lose sight of reality. Her desire for a normal, everyday family, in which she is assigned the leading role, brings her to the very place she wanted to avoid at all costs.

    ‘An ingenious and ruthless game of truth and fiction, which revolves around the question of what is true and what not.’ – DAGBLAD VAN HET NOORDEN

    ‘With The Doubt Experiment, Carly Wijs has written a lively and intellectually challenging debut that has a rather American feel due to the relativistic narrative tone and imaginative execution. It is clever how she gradually makes the reader realise that her novel is not about Mitty at all, but about the youngest sister. The human mind turns out to be full of surprises, and when you search for one thing, sometimes you find something else entirely.’ – KNACK

    ‘Wijs’ daring subject matter by itself is praiseworthy.’ – DAGBLAD DE LIMBURGER

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