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  • Girls in Extra Time: The Hard Gras Stories

    Carolina Trujillo

    | Fiction | This book has 96 pages

    In August 2014, Carolina Trujillo’s first story was published in football magazine Hard Gras. ‘We hope to be able to publish more work from this talented writer in the future,’ the editors wrote. It was the first of six stories in which the narrator shares with us her childhood in Uruguay and her life in a Dutch refugio with her mother and sister. Football is never far away in these stories about integration, and feeling like an outsider.

    Sharp, highly absurd and fascinating novel on Trujillo’s childhood in a refugee camp, her adulthood full of drugs and the only two constant factors in her life: football and her mother. She shares stories about her childhood in Uruguay and her life in a Dutch refugio with her mother and sister, where’s she’s trying to integrate but still feels like an outsider.

    In passing, Trujillo explains why Suárez simply cannot help biting his opponent (answer: because of the gene pool) and she casts doubt on long-accepted myths, such as the belief that the Dutch are down-toearth, or that Cruijff contributed the expression ‘en un momento dado’ to the Spanish language. Meanwhile, she phones her mother back home, who gives her opinion on everything. Girls in Extra Time is much more than a hard-hitting, humorous compilation: it is a novel in stories.

    Press on Girls in Extra Time:
    ‘Rock-solid prose full of intensity and talent.’ – Hard Gras
    ‘Trujillo’s quirky logic is mind-boggling, her wonderful style makes you keep on reading. And the whole thing will make you addicted to her stories.’ ***** – Het Parool

    ‘Trujillo gets under the skin of sadness, while also casually touching on the comic aspects of a story. And nowhere do you encounter empty phrases or padding.’ – Trouw

    ‘Wonderfully passionate stories: in her own way, Trujillo links the general to the personal by writing, for example, about the national character of Uruguay (where she was born) and the biting incidents involving football player Luis Suárez, and about Maradona and her own drug use.’ – NRC Next

    ‘The way in which Trujillo expresses her life story and her vision of the world moves the reader and is formulated in a funny and stylistically apt manner. Girls in Extra Time is not so much about football, but more about life. And no one ever goes through life unscathed.’ – La Chispa

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