Books by Catharina IJzelenberg

  • The Sound of the Sea

    Catharina IJzelenberg

    | Fiction | This book has 272 pages

    Anton Rentier is not unhappy. He works as a Dutch teacher, the job he always aspired to. During the North Sea flood of 1953, Anton witnessed his father being swallowed up by the water. He was raised by his strict Calvinist mother and they had a close relationship. But it was characterised by the constant struggle for his own identity. When his mother died, he could finally choose his own path. But his life is predictable, until everything starts to change.

    One day, when new girl Claudia joins his class, Anton is flooded with memories of his father. He relives his father’s drowning, and realises that he has been suppressing his emotions ever since. In Claudia he sees an opportunity to resolve his trauma.

    With The Sound of the Sea, Catharina IJzelenberg has written a poetic novel about the unseen consequences of a national disaster. Very aptly, she describes the spirit of the fifties and sixties and the inability of a generation, and many generations before us, to deal with emotions.

    ‘Intimate, vividly written novel.’ – LINDA

    ‘Low-key debut that gets under your skin.’ – ZIN

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