Books by Daan Hermans

  • The Delusion of Quisco

    Daan Hermans

    | Fiction | This book has 338 pages

    June 2015

    * English sample translation *

    Rights sold: Herbig (Germany)

    The young journalist Evander Clovis has a new assignment: to write an article about the mysterious disappearance of Martha Mulder in the curious – and almost unaccessible – town of Quisco. The residents of Quisco do not like strangers, children aren’t welcome, and they have peculiar ways. During his stay, Evander soon becomes intrigued by Martha Mulder’s mysterious child, nine-year-old Josie. He starts to interview Josie and the other residents about Martha’s disappearance. But the longer he stays in Quisco, the more he becomes entangled in a web of intrigue.

    Without wasting a word and in a seemingly light, visual style, Daan Hermans unravels the secrets of a fascinating town where nothing is what it seems. The Delusion of Quisco is a brilliant novel about judgment and prejudice.


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