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  • Long Answers to Short Questions

    Diederik Jekel

    | Non-fiction | This book has 352 pages

    February 2014

    Rights sold: Typotex (Hungary) 

    • Dutch pdf available •

    Science, especially the natural sciences, is invariably met with awe, even a degree of fear. Right-minded people, who love to read books and discuss politics and society, shrink back the moment they are confronted with a formula.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. Diederik Jekel, who has quickly emerged as one of the Netherlands’ best teachers and popular TV personalities, explains the most important natural and astronomical theories using examples that anyone can understand and recognise: a headphone cable, a passing car, snowflakes, a comb, the weather forecast and the enormous power of love. In this way science becomes a story that anyone can read, understand and retell.

    ‘Why do your headphones get tangled up in your pocket? Why does coffee taste bad onboard an aeroplane? I tell stories rather than formulas.’ – Diederik Jekel



    ‘Every single chapter radiates his broad knowledge of the natural sciences, as well as his infectious enthusiasm.’– NEW SCIENTIST

    ‘He might be a science geek, but he is of the hipster variety, telling exciting stories.’ – HET PAROOL

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