Books by Elle van Rijn

  • My Name Is Nadra

    Elle van Rijn

    | Non-fiction | This book has 256 pages

    November 2014

    • Dutch pdf available • 

    In 1942 a five-year-old Catholic girl is adopted by a Malaysian woman in Java because her mother cannot look after her. From that moment Bertha, who is renamed Nadra, lives according to the Muslim tradition. Eight years later, however, she is claimed by her biological father, who is then living in the Netherlands.

    This sparks legal wrangling for the now thirteen–year–old child. The conflict escalates until it becomes an international issue, and leads to violent riots in which nineteen people die and over two hundred are wounded.

    What happened to the girl who became the centre of a religious conflict? How did Nadra fare when she was forced to return to the Netherlands? What happened to the young love that blossomed between her and a companion? Elle van Rijn tells the story of Nadra’s life. A deeply dramatic story, with a theme that is still relevant: the struggle between two faiths.

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