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  • Overkill


    | Fiction | This book has 306 pages

    May 2013

    * Sample translation available *

    * Dutch pdf available *

    A rapist, a killer and a paedophile are murdered. One element links all three cases: the law never brought them to justice. So who did? Ex-soldier Ronny lives by his wits, straddling the fine line between right and wrong. It’s how he chooses both his women and his clients. At the other end of the spectrum we have Reinier: Detective Chief Superintendent, father and husband, prisoner of his own life. Friends since childhood, both are accustomed to dispensing justice their own way.

    Meanwhile several criminals are killed in quick succession, presenting homicide detective Mark with some tough decisions. Three men in the prime of life, one murderer who will not be stopped. When brutal killers take the law into their own hands, who decides what justice is?

    Overkill is classic Escober, a roller coaster of hard-hitting action, steamy sex and an unflinching look into the dark depths of the human soul.

    ‘In the tradition of Escober, Overkill is entertainment at its best.’ –  **** ALGEMEEN DAGBLAD

    ‘The rawness of the content is in sharp contrast to the ease with which the book can be read.’ – ****CRIMEZONE.NL

    ‘With great skill and – thanks to the many changes in perspective – at high speed, Esther and Berry Verhoef work towards a surprising denouement, which leaves only one possible conclusion: Overkill is simply a fantastic book.’ – BOEK MAGAZINE

    ‘This solid thriller, with a generous helping of sex and violence, is exciting, pacey, and well plotted, with constant new twists and a surprising, compelling ending.’ –  NBD BIBLION

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