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  • Ica

    Eva Posthuma De Boer

    | Fiction | This book has 275 pages

    April 2015


    *English sample translation*


    As a debut author, Nadine Sprenger takes her first steps into the world of writers, publishers and bestsellers. At a party she meets her idol, the famous author Ica Metz. The debutant and the grand dame immediately establish an intuitive but rather inexplicable intimacy. Struck by Ica’s personality, her work, and her joie de vivre, Nadine realises that she could not cast a better protagonist for her new novel than Ica herself. But as her book progresses, the line between fact and fiction becomes increasingly fine, until Nadine’s admiration for Ica turns into an uncontrollable obsession that finally threatens to spin completely out of hand. Eva Posthuma de Boer plays a thrilling game as she explores the limits of reality and fiction, and the consequences of limitless admiration for an idol. Ica shows that there is only a very fine line between admiration, obsession and envy. Eva Posthuma de Boer was inspired by Connie Palmen, one of the Netherlands’ most iconic writers, who seems to have a lot in common with Ica Metz.


    ‘So sharp and so realistic, it gives you chills.’ – ESTA

    ‘A superbly written novel. Cast into words, brilliant and fresh. Perfect for the big screen.’ – ****DAGBLAD DE LIMBURGER

    ‘Posthuma de Boer manages to capture things convincingly in only a few words.’ – NOORDHOLLANDS DAGBLAD

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