Books by Femke Roobol

  • Mozart's Muses

    Femke Roobol

    | Fiction | This book has 411 pages

    * English synopsis *

     A novel about family, love, masquerade balls and jealousy

    1778. On his way to Paris, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart becomes acquainted with the musical Weber family. Constanze is fascinated by him, but the composer only has eyes for her older sister Luisa, who rejects his advances.

    Years later, during a masked ball in Vienna, Constanze and Mozart’s paths cross again and they quickly fall in love. They get engaged, but Mozart’s father doesn’t approve of his son marrying a Weber. Eventually they are wed and during their marriage, Constanze is left on the sidelines while her husband works with Luisa, just like numerous other singers he talks lyrically about. In 1791, Mozart dies, leaving Constanze with debts, two young children and piles of sheet music. It falls to her to rebuild her life and take care of the musical legacy of the great composer.

    In this historical novel full of music, Femke Roobol paints a picture of a woman hated by Mozart’s family, while Mozart himself was deeply and madly in love with her, and she portrays the difficult relationship between the Weber sisters.

    Press on Mozart’s Muses:
    ‘Femke Roobol’s extensive historical research resulted in a compelling novel.’  – Leidsch Dagblad

    **** ‘Musical novel.’ – AD Magazine Haagse Courant

    **** ‘A splendid historical novel full of music, Viennese glamour, and passion’ – Zing Magazine

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  • Tulip Love

    Femke Roobol

    | Fiction | This book has 320 pages

    June 2016

    Rights sold: Ullstein Verlag (Germany)

    * English synopsis * German translation *


    Haarlem, 1635. Hester Falliaert is a very talented artist who dreams of having her own studio. When her father dies of the plague, she is taken in by Judith Leyster, the only female painter in the city. The two women develop a special friendship. When Judith moves to Amsterdam with her new husband, Hester feels compelled to get married too, but it is not a happy marriage. Meanwhile, the tulip market is booming and Hester and her husband make a lot of money in the bulb craze.

    Hester devises a plan to break free from her marriage and pursue her own dreams. Will she succeed? And will she finally be lucky in love?

    Tulip Love is the story of a strong, talented woman in Haarlem during the Golden Age. Like no other, Roobol brings the old city back to life and writes with great feeling about love, greed and desire.

    PRESS ON Tulip Love:

    ‘Roobol is an excellent writer […] She makes Hester a strong heroine, a feminist in the seventeenth century, who keeps a cool head in spite of [the circumstances].’ – DE TELEGRAAF

    ‘As a reader, you get a good picture of the life of a painter in the seventeenth century and the effects of the tulip craze. […] The novel is like a time machine, taking you back to 1635, and for lovers of historical fiction this is an absolute delight.’ – NEDERLANDS DAGBLAD


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  • The Last Winter

    Femke Roobol

    | Fiction | This book has 352 pages

    March 2013

    • Dutch pdf & hardcopy available •

    Winter 1944, Amsterdam. Anna Verbeek, her mother and her younger sister are fighting against starvation. There is hardly any food or fuel in the city and Anna is most concerned about her younger brother Maarten, who was rounded up during a razzia in Putten and shipped off by train.

    After liberation there is still no trace of him. But then Anna manages to track down a boy who survived the concentration camp Neuengamme and who is the spitting image of her brother… What happened to Maarten?


    ‘I am glad to see that this book has managed to regain attention for the story of the Putten razzia.’  JANNES PRIEM, THE LAST SURVIVOR OF THE PUTTEN RAZZIA

    ‘Without unnecessary fuss and therefore all the more pervasive, the author describes how Anna prepares for her hunger expedition. Roobol has a pleasant writing style and knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat.’ NEDERLANDS DAGBLAD




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