Books by Frederik Baas

  • The Floating Diary

    Frederik Baas

    | Fiction | This book has 216 pages

    * Dutch pdf available *

    Rights sold: Dar Oktob (Egypt)


    After several difficult years with her husband and a complicated
    divorce, life can begin again for Barbara. Together with Rens, her seven- year old son, and her new boyfriend Robbert, she spends a week in the Belgian Ardennes during the summer holidays.

    Robbert is a publisher and one of his authors, who has lived in the region for many years, is working on his second novel there. His first book was an overwhelming success, putting him under enormous pressure while he writes the second.

    They visit him, and soon a friendship develops between Barbara and the author. Together, they devise a game to keep Rens busy. Years ago, a girl went missing in the area, and based on this fact they put together an exciting search. The search, however, soon turns out to lead towards reality…

    Press on The Floating Diary:
    ‘As with the boy in the book, an addictive game is played with the reader. A brilliant idea in a powerful thriller. Baas has mastered his trade!’ – Peter Terrin

    ‘A suspenseful and clever book, a truly literary thriller.’ – Arjen Lubach

    ‘Very effective prose, which hits particularly hard.’ – René Appel

    ‘Classic suspense.’ – AD

    ‘You are constantly put on the wrong track. I didn’t see it coming at all. With his first thriller he has passed with flying colours. I hereby award him five stars!’ – Jeroen Vullings, Tros Nieuwsshow

    ‘Excellent work, Baas! Four stars!’ – **** Vrij Nederland

    ‘This literary thriller is carefully literary in its construction.’ – Leeuwarder Courant

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