Books by Govert Schilling

  • Travel Through Space and Time

    Govert Schilling

    | Children's Books | This book has 96 pages

    3, 2, 1… Ready for take-off!

    Do space ships that travel to the stars exist? Can you build a time machine? Do aliens also travel? Will there be a new trip to the moon? When travelling, you experience the most beautiful adventures, especially if you’re travelling through the universe. In this book, you will go back in time as well as travel to the far away future in space. Fly to the moon of Pluto and travel from the Big Bang to the edge of the universe. Quickly pack your suitcase and come aboard!


    ‘The writing style of Schilling is outstanding. Clear, accessible, geared to young readers and full of humour’ – NEDERLANDS DAGBLAD

    ‘Schilling explained all the facts about planets in such a way that everyone can understand them’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

    ‘Few people can talk about space travel as contagiously as Govert Schilling.’ – KIDSWEEK


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