Books by Hassnae Bouazza

  • Watching The Arabs. An Everyday Revolution

    Hassnae Bouazza

    | Non-fiction | This book has 232 pages

    January 2013

    *English sample translation *


    A surprising, fresh and informative portrait of contemporary Arab society. The Arab world is often described from a historical and political perspective. Oppression, religious extremism and lawlessness are some of the labels often applied. Add a dash of women’s oppression and we have the essence of the average book on the Arab world. It is easy to forget that most inhabitants of Arab countries are ordinary people. People who, contrary to popular media coverage, don’t burn flags or hate the Western world, but people with universal desires and feelings. People of flesh and blood.

    In Watching the Arabs, Hassnae Bouazza shows us ordinary people in the Arab world as we rarely see them. She shows how the media has contributed to the recent political upheavals and describes the history of the region, today’s societies and religion. The result is a brilliant book about the Average Joe and Jane of the Arab world, from Morocco to Egypt and from Syria to Saudi Arabia.


    Press on Watching the Arabs:

    ‘Hassnae Bouzza’s approach yields compelling stories, especially when she uses her own experiences as a starting point.’ – de Volkskrant

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