Books by Jan Geurtz

  • On Love and Letting Go: The Life Crisis as a Spiritual Breakthrough

    Jan Geurtz

    | Non-fiction | This book has 184 pages

    Usually our ego responds to a life crisis with resistance and a flood of unpleasant thoughts. As a result, we make our lives even more miserable and hopeless. In this book, Jan Geurtz shows how a relationship crisis and every painful emotion it causes, is actually an opportunity for spiritual growth.

    Using short practical instructions, Geurtz demonstrates how we can make the leap from the ego’s paralysing thoughts and emotions to a free, open, loving state of being, turning painful emotions such as loneliness, frustration or fear into doorways to what is known in Buddhism as the ‘Buddha Bature’ and in Advaita as the ‘non-duality,’ a natural state that is free of suffering.

    On Love and Letting Go is a personal guide on your spiritual quest for the essence of existence.

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