Books by Jannah Loontjens

  • Roaring Nineties

    Jannah Loontjens

    | Philosophy | This book has 192 pages

    March 2016

    * English sample translation and synopsis * 

    Roaring Nineties describes our most recent fin de siècle and compares it with the present day. It was a time when it was believed the great wars were over. It was before 9/11, before the advent of mobile telephony and the internet, a time of multicultural ideals, prosperity and optimism.

    In Roaring Nineties, Jannah Loontjens examines the image we have of that decade and the years leading up to it. She describes her experiences in the squat in The Hague where she lived with her mother. She talks about her philosophy studies in New York, where she was taught by the philosopher Derrida, about her job as a gogo dancer in nightclubs, and the post-structuralist thought that was fashionable at the time. She also looks back on her childhood in Sweden where, under a starry sky in a dark forest, the first big metaphysical questions crossed her mind. With reference to the work of Derrida, Baudrillard, Butler and Heidegger, Loontjens shows how her own life is connected with philosophy, and how major philosophical questions can go hand in hand with practical matters.


    ‘With Roaring Nineties Jannah Loontjens has written a nostalgic ode to the 1990s, years of freedom and abundance.’ – Folia Magazine

    ‘Writer and philosopher Jannah Loontjens (born 1974) has compiled her very readable articles on the years prior to 9/11, which she describes in Roaring Nineties as ‘a time of multicultural ideals, prosperity and optimism’.’ – NRC Handelsblad

    ‘In Roaring Nineties philosopher and writer Jannah Loontjens interweaves memories of her personal life with observations about the nineties and the current decade.’ – Volkskrant

    ‘She reminds us of the advent of home video, of films such as Pulp Fiction, but also of the Gulf War and the final days of the typewriter. And above all, she thinks about the zeitgeist of those years, which in retrospect almost feel innocent.’ – Trouw

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  • But Then Again

    Jannah Loontjens

    | Fiction | This book has 234 pages

    August 2014

    * English sample and synopsis *

    Rights sold: Typotex (Hungary), Turbine (Denmark)

    But Then Again describes four days in the life of Mascha. She lives in Amsterdam, has a good job just like her boyfriend, and together they have two children. She leads a life that appears typical for our time, when social media and freedom of choice make life more fun, but also more complicated. We chat, WhatsApp, tweet, Facebook and find love online.

    These four days in Mascha’s life paint a contemporary picture to which many will relate. She enjoys wild evenings with her friends, does her best to be a good mother, puts her relationship under the microscope, and has asecret Facebook affair. Every day she struggles with her responsibilities.

    But Then Again is an exceptionally rich novel, which depicts not only the adventures of a young woman, but also tackles the important issues of our time – a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to make choices.


    But Then Again offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a modern woman in all her guises. Poignant, philosophical thoughts shine through the mundane. Excellent work!’ – Saskia de Coster


    ‘What makes this novel so new, exciting and rich is the sophisticated way in which she inserts psychological, philosophical and social layers throughout the story.’ – Trouw

    ‘Vivacious and modern.’ – Jan Magazine

    ‘Painfully recognizable.’ – Veronica Magazine

    ‘With this thought-provoking novel, she demonstrates the power of literature. Loontjens has written an intriguing philosophical novel about frenetic modern life.’ – De Tijd

    ‘Her detached narrative style, the philosophical foundation beneath the story, the exciting composition: this is intelligent, authentic and entertaining.’ **** – Volkskrant

    ‘Loontjens is very successful at rendering Mascha’s multiple voices. Her voice as a mother, as a biologist, and as a child from a broken home – they all continually struggle for dominance in Mascha’s mind.’ *** – NRC Handelsblad

    But Then Again, the new philosophical novel by Jannah Loontjens, paints a clear, considered portrait, condensed into a few days, of a woman in her early forties who spends her life tidying up, working, partying and making love, and cannot help going astray. (…) Loontjens has previously written about this inability to choose the life you lead, but what makes this novel so new, exciting and rich is the sophistication with which she weaves psychological, philosophical and social statements into the story without lapsing into easy answers.’ – Trouw

    ‘What makes this novel so new, exciting and rich is the sophisticated way in which she inserts psychological, philosophical and social layers throughout the story.’ – Trouw

    ‘As the wine flows copiously and the cocaine is cut on the shaving mirror, doubt screeches through Mascha’s mind. The novel’s title is extremely apt.’ – De Tijd

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  • Mijn leven is mooier dan literatuur

    Jannah Loontjens

    | Non-fiction | This book has 172 pages

    March 2013

    * Dutch pdf available *

    More and more people cherish the desire to publish; poems, blogs, novels or memoirs. And thanks to the new media, we write endlessly. We e-mail, chat, tweet and write status updates; our communication increasingly uses written language, which blurs the difference between writer and reader. So what’s the impact on the role of literature in our lives and our society? Where does this growing urge to write come from? How do we deal with it? And what do we consider as good literature today?

    From her personal experience, Jannah Loontjens discusses the different aspects of reading and writing. On the basis of memories, fragments from other writers and philosophers, but also using movies or Oprah’s Book Club, she examines the image we have of writers, and how they are presented in literature, talk shows, newspapers and tourist guides.


    “But actually, with her book the answer lies on the table, because in every line the pleasure of the writer and the love and unbridled curiosity about the possibilities of language and philosophy manifests itself.” – Opzij

    “Loontjens shows how literature at this time still operates and how it works for her personally.”  – TROS Nieuwsshow

    “Loontjens inspires to more questions.” –  **** De Volkskrant

    “Here something flows, here something bustles, here Loontjens seems to take a stand against the ease of literature, the literary thriller and other slick forms of literature.” –  *** Het Parool

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