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  • Better and Better

    Jelle Hermus

    | Non-fiction | This book has 272 pages

    Do away with misery and discover the short route to a better life, with the help of Dutch level-headedness

    * English sample translation *

    This practical book is the short route to a better life full of freedom, happiness and meaning. Jelle Hermus, founder of the successful online platform soChicken, shows you how to get rid of all of the dead weight in your life, and to redesign it so that you only do what makes you happy. In other words: top tips to make your life better with the minimum amount of fuss. Full of refreshing wisdom, Dutch level-headedness brought to the reader in a light-hearted style.


    ‘In his book Better and Better, Jelle Hermus gives you the tools to improve your life, step by step, using a supportive approach and a healthy dose of humour.’ – MARGRIET SPECIAL

    ‘[H]umour is present throughout the book, which helps hammer home the message: it gets better and better! […]The book contains the shortcut to a better life. Jelle shows you how to make your life better and better, while also enriching your environment. He takes an encouraging approach with the necessary dose of humour, because everything becomes easier when we don’t take life so seriously.’ – ONKRUID

    ‘His positivity in digital form is infectious and his first book Better and Better will also inspire you to pursue a happier existence. […] The evocative language and Hermus’s sensible yet positive attitude will make you, too, want to nurture a better life.’ – THE OPTIMIST

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