Books by Judith Visser

  • Strangers in the Night

    Judith Visser

    | Fiction | This book has 256 pages

    May 2014

    * Dutch pdf available * 

    A young couple is brutally murdered in a secluded house. 40 years later, Cassandra Wolf, a nutritionist whose relationship has just ended, moves into the house. She wants to make a new start and set up a practice at home, but her plans are soon derailed by terrifying events. Every night she is woken with a start by a dreadful scream. Where is it coming from?

    She delves into the history of the house and soon comes upon the mystery of the tragic event that lies behind the double murder. Soon after, she makes a shocking discovery that puts not only herself, but also her loved ones in danger…

    A wide, red sticker had been stuck diagonally across the blue for sale sign in the front garden. Sold, it now said. Passing residents stopped, nudged each other, and looked at the abandoned house. ‘See that?’ Even the postman, who cycled past on his daily round, shuddered when he saw the sticker. The house had to be torn down, the villagers had clamoured at the time. Razed to the ground. How could this house be left standing, as if nothing had happened?

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