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  • The Midlife Club

    Karin Belt

    | Fiction | This book has 352 pages

    September 2014

    • Dutch pdf available • English sample translation • English synopsis 

    Femke’s life has not turned out as she once dreamed. As a caring mother and practical wife, the days seem to fill themselves. Slowly but surely, she has become a shadow of her former self, happiest in jogging pants. What happened to the enterprising, attractive woman she once was? At what point in her life did she lose herself?

    Then she meets three colorful women. Every year they go on holiday to France together to just do whatever they want. Femke joins them, hoping to find herself.

    Gradually it turns out she has taken the place of girlfriend number four, who appears to have vanished without a trace. Who was this woman? Why does she feel such a connection with her? Femke gets closer and closer to the truth. However, not everyone seems to be happy about that…


    Press on The Midlife Club

    ‘A surprising climax.’ – Happymoms

    ‘The thoughts and feelings of the women, especially those of Femke, will be very familiar to women around the age of forty.’ – ***

    ‘Exciting, feel-good novel that will also make you think about your own choices without realising it. A must read for the dark evenings.’ – Libelle

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