Books by Laia Fàbregas

  • Yellow Days

    Laia Fàbregas

    | Fiction | This book has 244 pages

    April 2013

    * Dutch pdf available *

    This is the story of two best friends, Sira and Rut, who know that good days generally come with yellow skies and that hard times get easier when you climb onto something. That is why they joined a colla castellera: a small club devoted to building human towers.

    But this is also the story of Cecilia, a heartless writer, and Nil, the brother of Sira who is in love with Cecilia and has secret writing ambitions. When Sira starts looking for her brother, things start to degenerate into a labyrinth of discoveries. Discoveries that cast an entirely new light on Cecilia’s past and the family she is from.

    Yellow Days is a richly composed novel about friendship and writing, about memories distorting reality – and about everyone ultimately ending up with his own truth.



    ‘Fàbregas writes in an expressive manner, alternating between a poetic and a more straightforward style.’  DE TELEGRAAF

    ‘Fàbregas is a master at giving the bottled–up passion of her characters a tragic dimension.’  DE GROENE AMSTERDAMMER



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  • The Girl With The Nine Fingers

    Laia Fàbregas

    | Fiction | This book has 192 pages

    January 2008

    Rights sold: Actes Sud (France), Ugo Guanda (Italy), Ries (Denmark), Aschehoug (Norway), Columna (Catalan), El Aleph (Spain), Kavis (Turkey) 

    ‘I’m Laura. I have nine fingers. I was born that way. Life with nine fingers is not bad at all. People with nine fingers simply live their lives among all other people, as if they have all ten fingers. Sometimes they keep their maimed hand in a trouser pocket, or clenched in a fist, to hide it from strangers.’ 

    Two Catalonian sisters, Laura and Moira, grew up during the latter years of General Franco’s dictatorship. Their parents bring the girls up in ‘total honesty and freedom’. They raise their daughters without taking photographs of them. Instead, they teach their children to make photos in their head. By the time Laura turns 34 her head is starting to become full and she fears memory loss.



    ‘Laia Fbregas is one of those rare phenomena caused by the movement of people in our postmodern times. No more and no less than a Catalan writing in Dutch. And to top it off, she does it well and has success.The girl with nine fingers is a book to be recommended. The writer has an unusual ability to transmit that which is universal through detail and anecdotes.’ – El Peridico de Catalunya

    ‘A fascinating first novel from Catalan author Laia Fàbregas. She ingeniously plays with truth and lies and reveals a family past which is marked by the Franco dictatorship.’ **** – de Volkskrant

    ‘A first novel as confident as “The Girl with the nine fingers’ is not very common. Laia Fàbregas, who is of Catalan origin but lives and works in the Netherlands since ten years, has a stylistic capacity in her second language some native writers can only dream of. And the novel also balances cleverly on the boundary of reality and imagination. […] “The Girl with the nine fingers” is a poetic novel which has been sold to five countries prior to publication. A dream debut.’ – Spits

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  • Landing

    Laia Fàbregas

    | Fiction | This book has 210 pages

    February 2010

    * Spanish translation available *

    Right sold: Actes Sud (France), Ara Llibres (Catalan), Alfaguara (Castilian)

    During a flight, an old Spanish man sits next to a young Dutch woman. They start to talk. After landing, she waits until all people except the plane crew have disembarked. But the man doesn’t show up. He died during the landing. She has the urge to take the wooden box, that the man carried with him, to her own home. After that, she spends the weekends visiting people whose names are on a list, expecting to find the person who is connected to the wooden box.



    ‘Fàbregas doesn’t divulge everything and therein lies the novel’s strength: the subtle arc of tension and the clever trickle of information mean that Landing is captivating from start to finish. Fàbregas’ style ranges from refreshingly simple to extremely romantic and poetic.’ –

    ‘A beautiful blend of philosophical depth and suspense.’ – Boek magazine

    ‘An inventive novel that keeps you guessing till the end.’ – esta

    ‘A cleverly constructed story in which a box filled with ashes plays a key role; in fact, it serves as a metaphor for the elusive nature of art.’ – de Volkskrant

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