Books by Lieneke Dijkzeul

  • Days of Shame

    Lieneke Dijkzeul

    | | This book has 224 pages

    November 2016

    * Dutch pdf *


    Pieter Elting is a successful man: glittering career, big house, expensive car. Then disaster strikes: he is kidnapped in broad daylight and locked in a bare room with only a small bed. Even though he is convinced that he has never been there before, the place appears familiar. But why is he here? Is he being held for ransom?

    His kidnappers do not give him any explanation. Instead, he is ordered to find out for himself. When the horrifying reason finally becomes clear, he admits guilt, but only to save his life.

    From a surprising perspective, and in her distinctive, elegant style, Lieneke Dijkzeul describes the powerlessness and loneliness of people who can no longer participate in society.


    ‘Her use of language borders on the poetic.’ – DE TELEGRAAF

    ‘With its mix of thriller elements and psychological tour de force, When Toads Scream is quite extraordinary.’ – **** VRIJ NEDERLAND

    ‘Sober, crystal-clear and evocative murder story.’ – **** AD MAGAZINE

    ‘Authentic dialogue that grabs the reader by the throat.’ – **** DAGBLAD DE LIMBURGER

    ‘In her attractive style, Dijkzeul describes how the lives of her main characters are sucked into a whirlpool of violence and despair.’ – **** ALGEMEEN DAGBLAD

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  • When Toads Scream

    Lieneke Dijkzeul

    | Fiction | This book has 288 pages

    October 2014

    • Dutch pdf available • 

    Naked and seriously injured after a fall, Charlotte van den Broecke lies on the cold floor of her bathroom. Terrifying days and nights follow, and she is convinced that she is going to die. Then she hears someone breaking into her house. Charlotte survives the accident, but after months of recuperation, she becomes obsessed with the idea that she must take revenge on her rescuers. She devises a simple but effective plan. At first, when the crime is reported to the police, Detective Inspector Vegter does not take the case very seriously.

    With her distinctive, subtle style, in When Toads Scream Dijkzeul shows like no other how powerlessness can turn to revenge.

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  • Delayed Happiness

    Lieneke Dijkzeul

    | Fiction | This book has 204 pages

    September 2013

    In this partly autobiographical novel, Lieneke Dijkzeul describes the life of a child in the Fifties in crystal-clear, razor-sharp prose. A child who should never have been born, but is nevertheless determined to prove her right to exist. A woman visits her mother’s house for the last time, to say goodbye, but also in the hope of coming to terms with the past – and with herself. It seems a hopeless mission; bitterness and sorrow prevail. The image is turned on its head when she finds her mother’s shoes, carefully stored for many years. Black velvet, high-heeled evening shoes, symbol of a life she dreamed of but never had. More important is the discovery of the lost diary that she herself kept as a very young girl. While the adult daughter can only look back in anger, the child turns out to have been kind and non-judgmental. This not only gives her a clearer view of her childhood, but also the turbulent life of her mother.


    ‘Observations even sharper than the dialogues, both will not leave you untouched.’- Cultuurbewust

    ‘A beautiful insight in a tormented childhood in the fifties, well written story on family relationships and how one’s look at the past can take a change in the course of time.‘ – Boek

    ‘Splendid miniatures from a child’s point of view as she is coming to terms with her extraordinary childhood.’ – De Telegraaf

    ‘Dijkzeul earned much praise as writer of thrillers and childrens books. This new, partly autobiographical novel does not fit in one of these genres, but Dijkzeul’s professional skills guarantee an appealing tale.’Trouw


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  • The Scent of Rain

    Lieneke Dijkzeul

    | Fiction | This book has 207 pages

    August 2009

    Rights sold: DTV (Germany)

    * English sample translation available * German translation available *


    At the end of a hot summer’s day a young woman is assaulted. She only just pulls through. A few days later the mutilated body of a second woman is found in a cellar. The victims seem to have been chosen at random, but they have one thing in common: their red hair. For Inspector Paul Vegter this case is more complicated than usual. Not only because Renée, the young woman, is one of his own detectives, but also because he has a soft spot for her. When she is discharged from hospital and doesn’t dare return to her own home, he helps her out.

    A book in the successful Vegter crime novel series.


    ‘After three books, you’ve fallen in love with Vegter.’ – 4 starred review, Noord-Hollands Dagblad

    ‘Police inspector Vegter is very convincing.’ – Trouw

    ‘As ever, Dijkzeul offers suspense and convincing characters.’ – Red magazine

    ‘Lieneke Dijkzeul has established herself as one of the best Dutch writers of psychological thrillers. Her first two books were excellent (four stars), but with The Scent of Rain she has really outdone herself.’ – Dagblad van het Noorden



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