Books by Linda Nijlunsing

  • Wilderness Years

    Linda Nijlunsing

    | Non-fiction, Philosophy | This book has 351 pages

    After her mother’s death, Groningen-based Linda Nijlunsing leaves the Netherlands. After many wanderings she ends up in Alaska, where she meets Jim, a giant of a man who has retreated into nature and survives by fishing and hunting for furs. Linda falls head over heels for Jim and moves into his cabin on the Yukon River, dozens of miles from civilization. Linda tends to the garden, catches salmon, and learns how to drive huskies, shoot porcupines and skin elk. Together with Jim she sets traps for martens and wolves. She adapts to his life and braves the harsh conditions. This is not easy, and sometimes she feels lonely and afraid. Jim pulls no punches; he wants a woman who’ll make his life easier. When Linda falls pregnant she realises that she should have taken this statement at face value. Wilderness Years is the fascinating story of a strong-willed Dutchwoman who follows her heart and is willing to pay the price.

    Press on Wilderness Years:
    ‘A wonderful book.’ Margriet

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