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  • The Mermaids's Daughter

    Lydia Rood

    | Fiction | This book has 400 pages

    * English synopsis *

    Scotland, 1402, the court of King Robert III. After Muireall, the daughter of the herald, learns that her beloved, the Crown Prince, has been murdered, another nobleman seizes the opportunity to seduce her. She cannot hide  the result of this evening long, and when she tells her father that she is pregnant, he beats her half to death.

    Edam, 1403. During a heavy storm, rough waves sweep a woman into the Purmer Lake. Green with seaweed, she is pulled to safety. In the years that follow, the ‘Water Woman of Edam’ becomes a curiosity. Kind souls teach her how to spin yarn and pray as a Christian woman, but she never learns human language. Then suddenly a girl turns up, claiming to be her daughter.

     The Mermaid’s Daughter is a dazzling historical novel set in Edinburgh, Edam and Haarlem, and in all waters in between. Lydia Rood takes the reader back to a time of war, superstition and struggle for the throne, a time when the power of monarchs is starting to be questioned, and citizens are  gradually gaining a voice.

    Press on previous work:
    ‘Rood barely needs any stylistic embellishment to paint a convincing portrait of insecure adolescents, and that is no easy task.’ – Tzum

    ‘A dish with a lasting and perfect aftertaste.’ – Vrij Nederland

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