Books by Maaike Gerritsen

  • The Survivors

    Maaike Gerritsen

    | Fiction | This book has 280 pages

    Abril 2014

    * Dutch pdf available * 

    The Survivors is about two lives that come together unexpectedly: a teenage girl trying to find her way in life and, by contrast, an elderly dentist looking back, trying to justify to himself his sometimes rather awkward choices. After a Christmas holiday in Thailand, things will never be the same again for Fae and her parents. Sprengler is suddenly forced to give up his job as a forensic odontologist in Thailand after a major event at home. Years later, young Fae enters Sprengler’s dental practice. The contrast between these two people could not be greater and the meeting marks the beginning of a special friendship.

    Maaike Gerritsen writes accessibly and with a sharp pen about loneliness, about the (in)ability of family members to cope with a common grief and the unpredictability of life and death.

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