Books by Marcel Vaarmeijer

  • Healer

    Marcel Vaarmeijer

    | Fiction | This book has 336 pages


    Healer begins in Zurich, in 1971. When eight-year old Himmel Grünewald blows up his family home with a chemical experiment, the family moves to a former hotel. There, father Karl opens a private clinic. Together with Himmel and other peculiar family members he cares for his patients with heart and soul. In the laboratory Karl and Himmel work on developing drugs to treat chronic diseases. They book remarkable results and for a long time everything goes smoothly. But then a tragic secret from the Second World War threatens to ruin the clinic and the family.

    A hilarious and moving novel about a tragicomic doctor’s family, with scars from the war and threatening secrets.

    Press on Healer:
    ‘I read Healer in one go; with this book, Vaarmeijer brings a great masterpiece to the market, for a broad group of readers who enjoy the likes of Tim Parks and Hendrik Groen.’ – Athenaeum Haarlem 

    ‘The love jumps off the pages. A book that’s got it all; it’ll make you laugh and it’ll make you cry. With a light-footed writing style, Marcel Vaarmeijer takes the reader on a journey through an emotional history.’ – Larense Boekhandel

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  • For Those I Have Loved

    Marcel Vaarmeijer

    | Fiction | This book has 320 pages

    Rights sold: Bastei Lübbe (Germany)

    Louise Veldman has been looking for love her whole life long. Now 90 years old, she is preparing herself for the end in a nursing home. When a parcel containing her old diaries is delivered one day, Louise wants to throw them away. At the urging of a friendly nurse, she lets him read the books to her.

    Louise relives the horrors of the Second World War, her lost loves, everything she has been running away from all these years. After they have finished the books, two questions remain: who sent them, and is her search for love really over?

    Marcel Vaarmeijer manages to combine seriousness and humour brilliantly in this beautiful ode to love.

    Press on For Those I Have Loved:

    ‘An emotional novel that leaves a lasting impression.’ – ****1/2 De Telegraaf

    ‘A wonderful book about the eventful life of a woman who has had to make difficult choices and experienced a great deal of hardship. Yet the book (fortunately) also contains humour in the descriptions of Louise’s fellow residents. Very well written: Marcel Vaarmeijer has proved his worth once again.’ –

    For Those I Have Loved is more than a war story. It is the humour that makes Vaarmeijer’s new novel so refreshing.’ – Cleeft

    ‘In his novel, based on the life of his own mother, Vaarmeijer has painted a beautiful portrait of Louise.’ – Nederlands Dagblad

    ‘It’s not hard to fall in love with main character Louisa.’ – ECI

    ‘Vaarmeijer has managed to captivate and entertain me with this wonderful, amusing novel. I love his dry humour: I had to laugh at the banal scenes in the nursing home, which he has ingeniously woven into the dramatic story. Thanks to this balance, the book is addictive; I couldn’t put it down at bedtime.’- **** Shyama in boekenland

    ‘In the twelve diaries, Louise describes part of her life before, during and after the Second World War. It is a poignant story in which Louise is constantly looking for love, and which includes all the ingredients for an exciting, compelling book. It’s amazing how Vaarmeijer manages to keep the story lighthearted despite all the tragedy it contains.’ –

    ‘The book is extremely well written and totally familiar with examples that take place in the nursing home. It is very clever how the author makes you laugh at funny incidents as well as empathise with the more difficult times in the life of the main character. Highly recommended.’ – Pascale Hans Magazine

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  • The Glory Days of Walter Gom

    Marcel Vaarmeijer

    | Fiction | This book has 336 pages

    February 2015.

    * English sample translation *

    Rights sold: Bookplaza (South-Korea)

    26-year-old Iris Hauser sets up a consultancy with her strange, intriguing neighbour Walter Gom. It is a great success. In his own, unorthodox way, Walter helps jaded writers, failed artists, and drifting actors, and saves troubled marriages. The BIB (Brilliant Ideas Bureau) conquers the Netherlands and its success reaches even the highest social circles. When the bureau’s advice to a minister gets completely out of hand, the media begin a manhunt for the mysterious adviser. Who is Walter Gom exactly?

    Press on The Glory Days of Walter Gom:

    ‘The story is not only intriguing, but also funny and touching. Previously a writer for young adults, with The Glory Days of Walter Gom, Marcel Vaarmeijer has produced a refreshing novel.’ – **** De Telegraaf

    ‘Marcel Vaarmeijer has written a modern fairy tale, with an ending that goes with it. The story incorporates many refreshing elements and the author is not afraid to place the story in the present. Making The Glory Days of Walter Gom a convincing debut that makes you long for more.’ – ****

    ‘Humoristic feel-good novel for everyone who can use a smile.’ –

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