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  • The Silence of Thé

    Marie de Meister

    | Fiction | This book has 384 pages

    Sophie Keller grew up in a big catholic family where it was forbidden to talk about aunt Thé, the silent nun. Not until the age of eighteen, when she learns the truth about her parentage, do the childhood taunts of ‘cuckoo in the nest’ begin to make sense.

    Will she be able to find out the truth about her adoption and find answers to her questions?

    The Silence of Thé is a compelling novel about a young woman who thinks she has it all figured out, but realises she must learn to accept her mother’s choice in order to get on with her own life. Without moralising or giving readymade answers, Marie de Meister captivates the reader and challenges the space between questions and answers.

    The Silence of Thé is a well-documented novel about a child given up for adoption within the family in the fifties.

    ‘Crystal clear in a language that matches with the theme of language as a way of expression. Marie de Meister is brave to put down such non-current topics as faith, church and convent life as meaningful for others, with reference to intellectuals as Gerard Reve and Frans Kellendonk. The Silence of Thé makes you quiet. In admiration.’ – DE LIMBURGER

    ‘De Meister comes up with existential and ethical questions. Is who you are related to origin, nurture or genes? Are you allowed to put your love to God above the love for your child?’ – **** HEBBAN

    ‘De Meister manages to captivate from beginning to end thanks to her clever composition of Sophie’s story, her clear language and her ability to empathise deeply with her characters.’ – ELLEN DE JONG FOR BAARNSCHE COURANT

    ‘The Silence of Thé by Marie de Meister is a well researched novel about an adopted child in the fifties that will appeal to readers of A.M. Homes, Alice Munro and Gerbrand Bakker.’– BOEKHOPPER.NL

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