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  • Amsterdam in the World

    Mariëlle Hageman

    | Non-fiction | This book has 256 pages

    Ever since the days of the Dutch East India Company, people from Amsterdam have been travelling the world. For centuries, the Dutch capital has also exerted an irresistible attraction on foreigners. What traces have the residents of Amsterdam left on the world, and what traces has the world left on Amsterdam? It was people from Amsterdam who constructed South America’s first synagogue in Brazil and built a Kalverstraat in India. Thanks to German beer, Amsterdam was able to become a true mercantile city, and the table rugs that you still see in ‘brown cafés’ have their origins in the sixteenth century trade with the Ottoman Empire. But it was not only beautiful architecture that was brought along on travels: people from Amsterdam played a crucial role in the slave trade, and the architect of apartheid was also from Amsterdam. These are just a few examples of Amsterdam’s influence on other countries, and vice versa.

    Based on surprising stories and stunning pictures, Amsterdam in the World reveals the interaction between Amsterdam and the rest of the world.

    In Amsterdam in the World, art historian Mariëlle Hageman shows the rich cultural cross-pollination between Amsterdam and other parts of the world.

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