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  • Out of the Count

    Marja West

    | Fiction | This book has 274 pages

    April 2015

    * Dutch PDF *

    Esther seems to have everything. She is married to bank manager Maarten and lives in a villa in the chic village of Aerdenhout. But then Annelize moves in next door, an editor at a leading culinary magazine – and Maarten’s ex. Clearly she’s still very interested in Maarten, and he also seems to have feelings for her, and seeks her out at every opportunity. In order to save her marriage, Esther bends over backwards to satisfy all Maarten’s demands. She goes to ever greater lengths to please him and be the perfect wife. Her desperate acts eventually have catastrophic consequences to save her marriage.

    In Out for the Count, Marja West guides you into story, before turning everything on its head. It is a quirky, psychologically interesting, well written thriller, reminiscent of the stories of Roald Dahl. A surprising debut thriller about a woman who slowly loses control over her life.


    ‘A promising writer with an original, humorous voice.’ – MARION PAUW, BESTSELLING THRILLER AUTHOR

    ‘Marja West keeps the reader guessing long into the book. The mysterious parcel is slowly, but artfully and suspensefully, unwrapped. Strong plot and intriguing subject matter.’ – JOOST HEYINK, THRILLER AUTHOR

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