Books by Martijn Meijer

  • Hard to Believe I Really Exist

    Martijn Meijer

    | Non-fiction | This book has 224 pages

    March 2014

    • Dutch pdf available •

    When suddenly confronted with our reflection, we’re sometimes surprised at the strange creature staring back at us. It’s as if our outside doesn’t match our inside.

    In Hard to Believe I Really Exist, Martijn Meijer explores this tension between inner and outer world. His ‘philosophical narcissism’, as he calls it in his self-examination, sheds a surprising light on the ‘me’ that we all are a unique way.

    With his playful essays, Meijer moves into the area between philosophy and literature. His recurring concern is the question of how the individual holds firm in a complex world. The loner versus humanity, the soul versus matter, the man versus his lover, the writer versus his work: all try to overcome alienation and become one with the other, if only for a moment.

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