Books by Martje van der Brug

  • What Do We Do About Mother

    Martje van der Brug

    | Fiction | This book has 352 pages

    ‘The doctors are obsessed with the idea that I must live. If I want to die, I’ll have to figure it out for myself.’

    Mrs. Van Hemert-Van Tetrode can look back on a good life. She lives in a nice home in Berkheij and owns a farmhouse in Italy. When a heart attack suddenly renders her an invalid, discord grows around her sickbed. Daughter Dorien regrets not respecting her mother’s wish not to be resuscitated. Eldest daughter Fiona demands that the doctors do everything in their power to save her mother’s life, and son Alex, in Colombia, makes his own opportunistic assessment. When mother has to move into a nursing home, she makes it known that she would rather die. The children end up diametrically opposed to each other. Should mother be allowed to die?

    In her second novel, Martje van der Brug once again succeeds in making a serious theme palpable in a light-hearted manner. In What Do We Do About Mother she describes a recognisable contemporary issue. At the same time she also provides a witty insight into the world of the elite.

    ‘The author has extensively consulted medical specialists and euthanasia experts and makes the complex subject matter understandable. Despite the ‘serious’ theme, the book has a humorous tone.’ – DE WASSENAARSE KRANT

    ‘Thrilling feel-good novel, a pleasure to read.’ – FLAIR

    ‘Martje van der Brug flawlessly characterises one of the key problems in modern education: the role of parents with high expectations. A book that touches on a sore point.’ – BNR NIEUWSRADIO

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