Books by Matthijs Eijgelshoven

  • Return to Calypso

    Matthijs Eijgelshoven

    | Fiction | This book has 276 pages

    After ten years Suzy reluctantly returns to Gozo, the island where she grew up, to help her seriously ill father. This brings back the memories she has so carefully suppressed all these years. Memories of her youth on this sunlit island – overshadowed by an absent mother – and of a lover who asked for more than she could give.

    Overwhelmed by her memories, Suzy has to look deeper into her past than she would like. She realises that she will have to follow the darkest paths in her mind until the end. Gradually the reader, just like Suzy, must face the question of whether events really happened as we remember them. To what extent can you defend yourself against your own existence, and what price do you pay for controlling your mind?

    Return to Calypso is a surprising psychological novel. In short chapters, in which the present day alternates with past memories, we meet a young woman who hides unmet needs and a personal loss behind her reserved demeanour.

    ‘Return to Calypso is a remarkable book.’ – DAGBLAD VAN HET NOORDEN

    ‘Eijgelshoven does not give much away about what really happened in the past. Only gradually do the outlines emerge, and even then they remain faint. […] The result is a story full of melancholy about what was lost or perhaps never even existed.’ – LEIDSCH DAGBLAD

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