Books by Maurice Seleky

  • New York Tragedy

    Maurice Seleky

    | Fiction | This book has 240 pages

    New York – one year before the inauguration of Donald Trump. Four people in the city. Ambitious journalist Claire is a style icon, able to cause a national riot with a column. Marketing man Leonard is struggling with his identity and the dilemmas of a successful man in his thirties. Seventeen-year-old Julie wants to make it in Hollywood, but has problems with drugs, alcohol, and her parents. Self-made property millionaire Max lives a lonely life in a luxury hotel, and is slowly unravelling a family secret.

    The intersection of these four hectic American lives irrevocably leads to a modern tragedy. Through the lives of these four New Yorkers, Seleky portrays the end of the Obama era, the personal dramas symbolising the identity crisis faced by the United States. In New York Tragedy, Seleky ruthlessly dissects the zeitgeist and the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

    ‘Seleky’s style is as dynamic as the city of service: New York.’ – Lucas Hirsch, poet

    In New York Tragedy Maurice Seleky feels the rotting tooth of time and wiggles it. This results in a modern, haunting tragedy about the lonely city dweller. His style is as unsettling as it is personal. This book serves as a warning for and reconciliation with the present day.’ – Elfie Tromp, author

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