Books by Octavie Wolters

  • Foreland

    Octavie Wolters

    | Fiction | This book has 304 pages

    A quiet village centred around a church on a hill, overlooking the
    breathtaking rolling landscape of the South, and the river that cuts
    through the lush clay soil, the fields and the pastures. In this age-old
    setting, Foreland tells the story of Wolf Haasting, a biology teacher at a
    small school in the late sixties. For him, his biology classroom is a place
    of relative safety in a period of great change: shortly before he is due
    to get married, he finds out that his father is terminally ill.

    On the night that his child is conceived, his own father dies on the
    other side of the village. When Wolf holds his son Otto for the first
    time, he feels as if he is halfway between life and death. He feels the
    draw of the land, the wheels of time turning.

    In her debut novel, Octavie Wolters views man as a link between past
    and future, a link in the enormous line of ancestors and descendants.
    Her subtle observations and smooth style make Foreland an intense
    reading experience. In sensual, quiet prose, and in a revealing manner,
    Wolters exposes her characters’ lives.

    ‘Her refined observations and smooth writing style make Foreland
    an intense reading experience.’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

    ‘Subtle debut of a language virtuoso. The compelling rhythm gets under
    your skin. The difficult lives of three generations of well-intending, but
    helpless people are nothing compared to the magnificent descriptions
    of the landscape in which they are rooted.’ – ZIN

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