Books by René Appel

  • The Shortest Night

    René Appel

    | Fiction | This book has 280 pages

    November 2014

    • Dutch pdf available • 

    Rob Koolwijk has a good life. He is happily married and has three healthy children. As manager of his father–in–law’s party venue, its declining revenues cause him concerns. When, after a forced meeting with childhood friend Edwin, Rob is saddled with a woman of Eastern European descent, his problems threaten to overwhelm him. His life changes thanks to Edwin’s meddling. After a past indiscretion, Rob cannot resist his manipulations. It then becomes clear that the police are watching everything, and a fatal outcome appears imminent.

    With great empathy and in his famously powerful style, René Appel depicts a dark, criminal world.


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  • The Lawyer

    René Appel

    | Fiction | This book has 280 pages

    July 2013

    * English synopsis * Dutch pdf available 

    David Driessen is a criminal lawyer at a large law firm in Amsterdam. As a junior he is usually assigned minor cases, but his ambition lies in the bigger work. His wish appears to be fulfilled when he is asked to defend Hein Wesseling, a suspect from the Amsterdam real estate world.

    A glittering career beckons. He develops a close relationship with Hein, but is it too close? When David suspects his wife of cheating, his attention is distracted and his situation becomes hopelessly complicated, putting him on a slippery slope.

    In The Lawyer, his new, exceptional thriller, René Appel subtly shows how narrow the line is between good and evil and how tempting the money and glamour of the underworld can be.


    ‘René Appel shows his very best side. A fascinating thriller about greed, infidelity and ruthless crime.’ ***** Algemeen Dagblad

    ‘Along with Charles den Tex, René Appel is still by far the best thriller writer in the Netherlands. ****’ –  NRC Handelsblad

    ‘Appel has never failed to come up with a tense, conclusive storyline, and with its admirably creative denouement, The Lawyer is no exception. An apparent side plot that has you wondering where the hell it will lead eventually takes deserved pride of place… A major crime writer reinvents himself again, to our delight . ****’ – Het Parool

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  • Clean Hands

    René Appel

    | Fiction | This book has 256 pages

    October 2007

    Film rights sold to Phantavision (Netherlands) – expected in 2015


    Each and every one of Appel’s thrillers is human, realistic and sweltering and that also applies for Clean Hands. Appel still  guarantees you quality and a good read. This is a new Appel which you cannot wait to devour. It’s sometimes juicy, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, but most of all movingly good.’ – 4 star review

    ‘René Appel has accomplished an exiting new thriller, which can immediately turned into a movie.’ – **** in Algemeen Dagblad

    ‘Appel did it again.’ – De Volkskrant


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