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  • Beer: A Comprehensive Guide to the Beer Landscape of Today

    Rick Kempen

    | Non-fiction | This book has 230 pages

    The ultimate introduction to beer, and how to drink and enjoy it, by the number one expert from the Netherlands

    * English proposal *

    Beer is hot. New breweries are founded every day, the beer aisles in supermarkets are bursting at the seams and there’s a beer festival in every town, where beer-lovers come together to enjoy it in all its many guises.

    And there’s good reason for this revival. Beer is a miraculous natural and cultural product dating back centuries. But for something we drink (almost) every day, we know shockingly little about it. Where does the taste come from, and the colour? Does beer belong on the dining table, and if so, how? What do we know about the diverse beer cultures of Britain, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the New World?

    Beer discusses these questions and much more. This guide provides knowledge and expertise so you can navigate the European beer landscape of today, which is better than ever before.

    Praise for Rick Kempen:
    ‘At restaurant De Librije we have come to know Rick Kempen as a great ambassador for everything that has to do with beer. Expertly, enthusiastically and humorously he tailors his amazing wealth of knowledge about beer to every audience.’ – Thérèse Boer, host and head sommelier at De Librije Restaurant

    ‘A man with a big beer heart. While it is currently trendy to sing the praises of innovative beers from small breweries, Rick can also champion the quality of a glass of well-brewed traditional pilsener.’ – Michel Ordeman, Manager of Jopen Brewery in Haarlem

    ‘This book is full of witticisms but it also takes a serious look at the world of beer. A pleasure to read!’ – Menno Olivier, master brewer at Brouwerij De Molen in Bodegraven

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