Books by Rosanne Hertzberger

  • In Defense of Processed Foods

    Rosanne Hertzberger

    | Non-fiction | This book has 256 pages

    If the culinary gurus are to be believed, there is nothing worse than a microwave lasagne, no greater sin than pre-chopped potatoes, tinned vegetables, or artificial colours. From Michael Pollan to Ella Woodward, they all advocate a return to grandmother’s kitchen where fresh, simple and unprocessed food was prepared according to traditional methods. But is that really so much better for you? And for our planet?

    Rosanne Hertzberger proves otherwise and demonstrates convincingly that artificial colours are not necessarily unhealthier than natural alternatives, that mashed potato from a bag is not necessarily worse than home-cooked organic spuds from the farmers’ market, and that inventions such as fertiliser and mega-stalls are a great benefit to mankind. With a fresh take and a sharp pen, Hertzberger describes the enormous impact of chemicals in our food on improving our health, prosperity, environment and women’s emancipation.

    Press on In Defense of Processed Foods:
    ‘Hertzberger’s book is a breath of fresh air: it dares to make a stand for science and industrial progress, and lets reason prevail once again over our gut feelings.’ – **** Knack

    ‘In her book Hertzberger takes noticeable delight in exploring a whole host of myths and ingrained ideas about food and health. The tone is mildly provocative.’ – Vrij Nederland

    ‘It’s substantial and polemical at the same time, half the work of a rightwing columnist and half that of a science journalist – a unique combination.’ – **** NRC Next

    ‘Hertzberger takes the fashionable claims of fresh foodies, that we are poisoning ourselves with convenience foods, and takes them apart with scientific precision. And: it turns out organic farming isn’t so environmentally- friendly after all.’ – Zin

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