Books by Rosita Steenbeek

  • Rose: A Family in Wartime

    Rosita Steenbeek

    | Non-fiction | This book has 304 pages

    April 2015

    • Dutch pdf available •

     My grandmother Rose died in my arms. I always thought I knew her well, but only after her death did I find out that she always kept part of her past secret from me. By writing this book, I have come to understand better why during her life my grandmother was unable to talk about so many things. At the same time this has brought a dramatic period in history to life.

    In Rose, Rosita Steenbeek tells the story of her grandmother, the daughter of a Jewish mother and a German father, who in 1929 falls in love with a Dutch minister. Rose and her husband Gerhard settle in Klaaswaal, a village a stone’s throw from Rotterdam – the ideal place to give her children an idyllic childhood after her own was so cruelly disrupted.

    In the thirties, Rose’s Jewish family fans out across the world, fleeing Hitler’s anti–Semitic regime, but some refuse to leave Germany. On 10 May 1940, the German army invades the Netherlands, and on 14 May, her birthday, Rose sees the bombs fall on Rotterdam. Her husband joins the resistance and is arrested. Through twists of fate, Rose’s family members end up on different sides of the front.

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  • Intensive Care

    Rosita Steenbeek

    | Non-fiction | This book has 224 pages

    Rosita Steenbeek’s father dies in late 2002. Exactly one month later, Rosita and her mother are getting a ride home from a cousin after a ‘comfort dinner.’ He loses control of the car and crashes into a tree. The cousin is killed instantly; Rosita and her mother are seriously injured.

    In powerful, evocative scenes, Intensive Care describes the confusing period of mourning and arduous physical recovery experienced by Rosita Steenbeek and her mother. The two women cling to each other and their family, and slowly recover, never losing their eye for the precious and the comic among all the misery. Steenbeek’s subtle, observational style makes Intensive Care a poignant story with a mixture of dramatic events, touching memories and sensitive descriptions.

    To mark the Dutch Spirituality Month, Rosita Steenbeek’s personal, moving and intense disaster diary, Intensive Care, is being reissued.

    ‘What is the lesson to be learned from this sober, restrained and evocatively written disaster diary? That even in the darkest times, you can draw courage and consolation from a little faith, a glimmer of hope and a lot of love.’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

    ‘Beautiful, clear and never depressing.’ – DE TELEGRAAF

    ‘Steenbeek impresses with this book, employing all her skills as a writer, and that is no mean feat.’ – LIMBURGS DAGBLAD

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