Books by Sofia van der Sluis

  • Middlewoman

    Sofia van der Sluis

    | Fiction | This book has 256 pages

    * Dutch pdf available *

    Freelance editor Margot Houtman, 43 and single, is sick and tired of her urban life and moves to a suburb of Amsterdam. In this neighbourhood there is still a sense of solidarity and you can hear the birds sing. She befriends some of her neighbours, including the mysterious Scarlett and her ruggedly handsome boyfriend Bram.

    When Scarlett is brutally murdered, the suspect is quickly found: a mentally retarded man who leers at women in the park and was crazy about Scarlett. But Margot, a lover of Japanese horror, believes he is innocent, convinced all the more because she has been visited every night since the murder by a ‘yurei’ who she suspects to be Scarlett’s ghost. Meanwhile, Margot comforts the distraught Bram and slowly something beautiful starts to blossom between them. However, she cannot forget Scarlett’s death: she begins to investigate and inches dangerously closer to the terrible truth.

    Middlewoman is a thrilling novel about an impossible love in a seemingly quiet suburb. In clear, pacey prose, Van der Sluis draws the reader into the story and skilfully cranks up the tension.

    Press on Middlewoman:
    ‘With Middlewoman Sofia van der Sluis proves that tension and humour do indeed go together. An extremely sharp portrait of an Amsterdam suburb.’ – Herman Koch

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