Books by Stine Jensen

  • Light On The North

    Stine Jensen

    | Non-fiction | This book has 224 pages

    October 2013


    Scandinavia is on the rise. The Scandinavian languages, once considered the ugliest languages in the world, are now hip. Everyone reads Scandinavian crime fiction, buys their furniture at IKEA and is gripped by Borgen and The Killing. But what is real life like in the North? Are Scandinavians really the happiest people on earth? How do they cope with the darkness? And what is the downside of all this wealth, equality, natural beauty and safety?

    Stine Jensen travels through Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland for the Dutch TV series Stine in Scandinavia. This trip is both research and a personal search for her roots. By conversations with family, friends and experts, she analyses our image of our northern neighbours and gives us a glimpse into their lives. Is Scandinavia really the mirror of our future?


    ‘Jensen is no ivory-tower thinker, nor is she a superficial fast-food philosopher. Using literature, philosophy and new media, she looks for the bigger stories behind current events, always imbuing them with a personal touch.’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

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