Books by Tanya Commandeur

  • Mr Tuschinski’s Mistress

    Tanya Commandeur

    | Fiction | This book has 285 pages

    A compelling novel about cinema tycoon Abraham Tuschinski’s forbidden love

    In 1912, business man and film fanatic Abraham Tuschinski and his brothers-in-law Hermann Ehrlich and Hersch Gerschtanowitz open an exclusive theatre for film in Rotterdam High Street. Abraham is a man with vision and, above all, courage. Even during the First World War, he doesn’t shy away from expanding his theatre for film, and he’s not afraid to snatch the most popular  and he completely flattens an Amsterdam neighbourhood with a  bad reputation to build a magnificent theatre there from scratch.

    Everything seems to be going well for the three men, until Abraham falls in love with Jet, the wife of his brother-in-law and business partner Hermann. When the couple is discovered Abraham is forced to choose between his beloved cinemas, and the love of his life.

    Tanya Commandeur portrays the love story behind the world-famous cinema empire of Tuschinski in a fluent, compelling fashion, while at the same time capturing the zeitgeist and the splendour of the period.

    Press on Mr Tuschinski’s Mistress:
    ‘Pageturner!’ – Marie Claire

    ‘Commandeur immediately draws you into the story. Thanks to her imaginative and enthralling style, you can hear the trains arrive and see the swarming crowds on the platform.’- Opregte Steenwijker Courant

    ‘Because of the beautiful cover of Mr Tuschinski’s Mistress, you’ll immediately find yourself in the Twenties, and once you read the first pages of this historical novel, you’re living in this age.’ – Marie Claire

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  • The Man Who Left Everything Behind

    Tanya Commandeur

    | Fiction | This book has 244 pages

    Rotterdam, the early twentieth century: David Buijser is eleven years old when his flamboyant father Johannes abandons his family in search of adventure overseas. Years after his departure, David finds a suitcase full of letters, which reveal that his father tried to maintain contact. David decides to follow his trail to New York.

    When he steps off the boat there in 1909, he enters a new world: buildings that reach into the clouds, high-speed lifts, and an underground train beneath the Hudson. David stays focused on his goal: to get to know the man he is said to resemble so strongly.

    The Man Who Left Everything Behind is the moving, fictionalised story of Commandeur’s great-great-grandfather. Based on the lives of two ordinary men from working-class Rotterdam, she guides us compellingly through one of the most turbulent and fascinating periods in Dutch and American history.

    Press on The Man Who Left Everything Behind:
    ‘Moving novel.’ – Marie Claire

    ‘Delighting.’ – Flow

    ‘Fascinating story.’ – Noordhollands Dagblad

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