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  • Among Animals: For A More Animal Friendly World

    Ton Lemaire

    | Philosophy | This book has 507 pages

    Animals were once essential to man’s existence – chickens wandered around the farmyard, horses were indispensable at harvest time – but nowadays they have disappeared from the streets. Cows, pigs and chickens have been reduced to meat, milk and egg machines. Meanwhile, we pamper and spoil pets such as dogs and cats.

    Using six animals – wolf, elephant, horse, dog, bowerbird and bee – Ton Lemaire describes the practical and symbolic significance that these animals have had for us over time. In addition, he touches on themes such as vegetarianism and anthropomorphisation, empathy and compassion, instinct and intelligence, egoism and altruism. Lemaire gives his opinion on topical debates about factory farming. He also outlines a set of ethics for the Anthropocene, the proposed epoch in which man is responsible for maintaining optimal biodiversity on an environmentally sound planet.

    Press on Among Animals:
    ‘Anthropologist and philosopher Lemaire takes a stand in current debates about the bio-industry and advocates an animal-friendly world’ – NRC Handelsblad

    ‘A monument to misunderstood, persecuted and badly treated animals’ – **** Trouw

    Among Animals is a rich, hefty book, with philosophy and biology in equal measure, in which Lemaire carefully investigates our erratic way of thinking about animals. Between the lines you get a taste of repressed anger and bewilderment. – **** Het Parool

    ‘Lemaire has written a fantastic book that fascinates, moves, sometimes shocks (especially in terms of cruelty towards animals), but that always causes the reader to think and even inspires.’ – Nederlands Dagblad 

    Among Animals is idealistic, coherent and erudite and, for non-vegans, confrontational.’ – De Standaard

    ‘A wonderful collection of essays as an ode to the animal kingdom.’  –Volzin

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