Books by Wendy Geuverink

  • In My Family: Difficult Medical Decisions

    Wendy Geuverink

    | Non-fiction | This book has 176 pages

    The breast cancer gene BRCA2 recently gained attention thanks to Angelina Jolie, who shared her medical decisions openly in the media after she was confronted with BRCA. A BRCA2 genetic mutation means a 60 to 80% chance of getting cancer and a considerably increased risk of ovarian cancer. In late 2010, Wendy Geuverink found out that she is carrier of this gene.

    In this book, she tells her personal story, starting with a poignant description of what this means for her and her family and the profound choices she makes in order to take various preventative measures in her healthy body. Alongside her personal story and quest, she clearly describes what difficult medical decisions entail for anyone who i confronted with a genetic predisposition or an illness with serious consequences. Through her story and by providing information and advice about topics such as ‘joint decision-making with your doctor’, ‘do you want to know if you’ve got a genetic predisposition?’ and ‘how do you keep good relations with your family, partner and children?’, she sets out to support this group of people. In My Family is important for anyone facing important decisions in the field of health.

    Praise for In My Family:
    ‘Wendy was confronted with some of the toughest decisions anyone could ever have to face. Her book articulates how to deal with these decisions in a very clear and straightforward fashion. But the unexpected comforting contacts or the new strength you never knew you had also offer perspective to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position. Extremely accessible, informative and, above all, moving, because it’s a topic that affects us all: health.’ – Joop Boezeman (Former managing director of A.W. Bruna Publishing House) and Renée Swaalf (former non fiction publisher)

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  • How Long May I Stay?

    Wendy Geuverink

    | Memoir | This book has 320 pages

    *Dutch pdf*

    How a Jewish girl was hounded through over a dozen hiding places and survived

    In How Long May I Stay?, Wendy Geuverink describes the true and personal story of Truus Stern-van Zuiden, a Holocaust survivor. Truus van Zuiden is 16 years old when she’s forced into hiding during the war because she’s Jewish. Over two and a half years, she ends up at 13 different addresses. She lives in a house with reformed, Catholic resistance fighters and members of the Dutch Nazi party who are helping her for the money. In all these homes, Truus desperately tries to adjust. What do they do all day? What do they talk about? What do they dislike? What do they love? She lives in constant fear of being sent away. She is unprotected and dependent on the family where she’s staying. Her mother is deported to Auschwitz and survives the death march to Ravensbrück. In the meantime, Truus becomes increasingly resourceful and even takes part in the resistance…

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