Books by Han de Wit & Jeroen Hopster

  • Buddhism for Thinkers

    Han de Wit & Jeroen Hopster

    | Non-fiction | This book has 96 pages

    June 2014 

    • English sample translation available • Dutch pdf available •

    In Buddhism for Thinkers, research psychologist and Buddhist teacher Han de Wit, and young philosopher and historian Jeroen Hopster compare Buddhist tradition and Western philosophy, and analyse both similarities and differences. One difference lies in the inner experience as a source of knowledge. In the West, this inner experience no longer plays a major role in science, whereas for Buddhists it remains important. This also makes Buddhism a source of inspiration for daily living.

    ‘I view Buddhism as a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom from which you can draw a great deal of value.’ – Jeroen Hopster


    An interesting analysis of Buddhism, resulting in a clear explanation of the Eastern way of thinking.’ – VOLZIN

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