Book Plaza is a young new publishing company, which has recently published work of authors like Hilary Mantel and Sofi Oksanen. Shared Stories closed the deal with Book Plaza by order of Luitingh-Sijthoff publishers, Amsterdam.  It’s quite unusual that an Asian country has bought the rights to a novel without having a full English translation available. The Netherlands play a prominent part in the novel; it has not yet been decided whether theDutch setting will be adapted to a South Korean surroundings. Book Plaza and the Dutch Literary Fund are now looking for a suitable Dutch-Korean translator.

About the novel

In the Glory Days of Walter Gom,  26-year old Iris starts a consultancy bureau, together with her strange but intriguing neighbour, Walter. His brilliant advice saves many people and the bureau becomes a huge success. But when an advice to a minister causes a major disaster, the media start manhuntingthe mysterious advisor. Who IS this Walter Gom?