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  • Chicks on the Animal Farm

    Alice Hoogstad

    | Children's Books | This book has 32 pages

    March 2016

    Rights sold: Petrel Publishing House (Simplified Chinese)


    Together with the other animals, Ricky Rooster runs the Animal Farm. One day, he has great news: he is going to be a father. Of not ten, not twenty, but thirty chicks! But how do you tell all those little yellow chicks apart? And how do you stop them destroying the Animal Farm?

    So Twiddleybit and Twiddleybob
    knitted thirty sweaters,
    cable-knit with dots and stripes
    and diamonds, even better.
    Gertrude stitched on numbers
    and Tim Tomcat put them on.
    ‘This is how we tell them apart,’
    said Ricky Rooster. ‘It really is spot on!’

    In masterful sentences and with a healthy dose of humour, Lida Dijkstra has written a wonderful rhyming counting book. The lively illustrations are provided by Golden Paintbrush winner Alice Hoogstad.

    Press on Chicks on the Animal Farm: 

    ‘The picture book Chicks on the Animal Farm demonstrates once again the power of rhythmic rhyme. Many children will appreciate this interesting, recognisable story with a touch of humour.’ – Nederlands Dagblad

    A cheerful book for spring that invites young children to count the chicks on each page. The flowing rhyming text is rhythmic and fast-paced.’ – NBD Biblion

    ‘You won’t be able to get enough of Welcome to the Animal Farm. The rhyming text and illustrations are constantly surprising and will bring a smile to your face every time!’ – LEESFEEST.NL

    ‘Welcome to the Animal Farm is a comic story with a variety of animals in the leading role. The funny drawings in particular, complete the picture.’ – BOEKREVIEWS.NL

    ‘In this oblong picture book the attractive and colourful painted illustrations, finished with pen and coloured pencil, come into their own. […] The text in rhymed quatrains is perfect for reading aloud.’ – NBD BIBLION


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