Books by Christa Anbeek

  • Delivered to the Heathens

    Christa Anbeek

    | Non-fiction | This book has 96 pages

    October 2013

    • Dutch pdf available • English translation available •

    Delivered unto the Heathens is an edited version of Anbeek’s inaugural oration. In this essay, she notes that many children do not know the meaning of Easter or Pentecost, or who Judas and Peter were, and that this is a pity, because religion can offer a rich perspective on life. Faith must remain an option. But to keep that option open, we need to retranslate theological insights into personal experiences of fragile life. In her essay, Anbeek makes a first step towards a new theology of experience. With this aim she also explains her theological and philosophical vision behind Mountain of the Soul.

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  • Mountain of the Soul

    Christa Anbeek

    | Non-fiction | This book has 238 pages

    March 2013

    If there is anyone who knows what vulnerable living is, it is Ada de Jong. In the summer of 2008, her husband and three children were killed in a tragic accident while descending the Italian Mont Dolent. There is one question that has been weighing on her mind ever since: how to move on, now that everything has changed so radically?

    Ada knew no one that had experienced such a terrible loss until she met Christa Anbeek, who lost her parents and brother at a young age and then lost her life partner only a couple of years ago.

    The experiences of Christa and Ada make up the foundations of Mountain of the Soul, in which they explore important questions in life, such as: Who are you when there is no one else? How to rise above your grief? And what is responsibility when you are so utterly saturated with how vulnerable life is?

    The authors have drawn these core questions from theology, but answer them in a personal and secular manner. The book is a great success in the Netherlands: over 10.000 copies were sold in a few months.

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